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East Coast Freefly TV

Student videos available on our YouTube channel http://youtube.com/ecfreeflytv

Freefly Coaching

Learn Sit Flying, Head-Down, Back Flying & Tunnel Coaching

Belly Coaching

Learn Advanced Skills including Mantis, Side Slides & More

Canopy Flight Training

Become a Defensive Canopy Pilot or Learn how to Swoop Safely

2 Way Freefly Scrambles


2 Way VFS Scrambles Saturday November 29th. 1 Sitfly only class and 2 Freefly classes. Rules coming soon.  Don’t forget to attend the 2 way skills camp on Friday. Team Captains or Video: Jay, Sam, Mike, Seth, Cupcake, so far.

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Speed Star Freefly Scrambles

our sponsor: Beauties

Head-down Speed Star Scrambles Thursday November 27th Once we get a full count of the participating free flyers we will break up the group into equal teams of minimum 4 and maximum 10 per team.  Each team will have a team captain and outside video. Team Captains and Video: Jay, Sam, Mike, Seth, Cupcake, ryan, lane

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