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BirdMan Coaching

East Coast Freefly offers comprehensive BirdMan coaching for the first-time wingsuit flyer and the experienced wingsuit pilot looking to advance their skills. For the beginner , we offer an extensive ground school as well as in-flight video and debriefs. Transitional training is also available for pilots wishing to move on to a more high-performance suit.

For those who do not have a wingsuit and wish to experience the thrill of unencumbered human flight, demo suits are available as long as you meet the minimum requirements.


BirdMan International recommends a minimum of 200 freefall jumps before making a wingsuit flight. Jumpers with less than 500 jumps are required to have one-on-one instruction from a qualified BirdMan instructor prior to making their first flight. Any skydiver with 500 or more jumps may make their first solo flight after studying the BirdMan Flight Manual and watching the BirdMan demo video.

A container with a BOC deployment system is a must. Absolutely NO pull-outs or legstrap throw-outs! High-performance cross-braced canopies are NOT recommended.



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