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Canopy Coaching

During the Canopy Control and Swoop courses, you will exit the aircraft at 5000' and deploy immediately to allow you to focus entirely on your canopy flight and reduce traffic. One of our highly skilled canopy coaches will monitor your flight, as well as video your approach and landing for debriefing purposes.


Our Canopy Control program will help you safely learn all aspects of intermediate-level canopy flight. With a focus on preventing and eliminating unsafe habits, we will guide you through a curriculum designed to explore the entire range of flight characteristics of your canopy. Whether it's navigating a crowded traffic pattern at an unfamiliar DZ or landing in a congested area after a bad spot, you will be prepared after an East Coast Freefly Canopy Control course!


Our Swoop program is designed to develop your high-performance canopy skills through consistent approaches and smooth, well-timed control input. This progressive system concentrates on understanding the relationship between canopy and pilot, and building on that relationship to create safer, longer, and more precise swoops. Beginner and advanced swoopers alike can benefit from the personal, professional attention of East Coast Freefly's canopy coaches.


There are no minimum jump requirements for the Canopy Control or Swoop courses. Any jumper who has been "cleared to self-supervise" by a qualified instructor can participate in a Canopy Control course. ("Cleared to self-supervise" normally means having completed "Category E" of the USPA Integrated Student Program, or "Level 8" of a traditional AFF program.)

Jumpers wishing to attend a Swoop course are asked to bring with them a good working knowledge of basic canopy control, as well as a fair amount of currency on the canopy they will be swooping. East Coast Freefly canopy coaches reserve the right to recommend the Canopy Control program to those who they feel need a greater knowledge base before proceeding with the Swoop course.


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