After starting Total Body Pilot Freefly School 1996. It is time for Colon to break loose and start something new.
That's why East Coast Freefly came up.

Instead of having a school that has only freeflying we desided to add pretty much the whole 10 yards.

Freeflying, Tunnel coaching, Swoop and Canopy control and Birdman.

Freefly Coach:

Name: Colon Berry

Born: 9/30/1971 in Mississippi

Started Jumping: 1991
Jumps: 8800 +
Freefly: 8000+
RW : 300
Birdman: 250

Container: Wings W1-2 EXT
Main Canopy: Lotus 95
Reserve Canopy: Smart 99
AAD: Cypres
Birdman Skyflyer


1st Place 96-98 Z Games, Zephyrihills, FL.
1998 U.S. National Champion Videographer Mens Freestyle Skydiving,
1999 U.S. Champion Videographer Womens Freestyle Skydiving
1999 U.S. National Champion FreeFly Team Skydiving
1st place SSI Pro Tour, "X-Trials" Cross Keys, NJ
2nd Place SSI Pro Tour "Road to the X-Games", Titusville, FL
1st place Free Fly Indy 500, 1999
2nd Place Free Fly Indy 500, 2000
3rd place free fly Indy 500 World Championships, 2000
1st place 2001 4-way Speed
1st place Sreem'n Eagle Compitition, Zephyrhills, FL
2nd Place 2002 U.S. Nationals Ultra Class Sport Parachute Accuracy
3rd Place Team Sport Accuacy
2nd place:
US nationals 2003 Intermediate Freeflying with Z tribe Reloded



Tunnel Coach:

Name: Mike Skrzypczak

Born: 8/12/73

Started Jumping: 1995
Jumps: 2900+
RW: 250
Tunnel Time: 60+ hours

Container: Wings W5-3 EXT
Main Canopy: VeloTown 103
Reserve Canopy: PDR 113
AAD: Cypres


AD# 115

2nd Place Go Fast Space Ball Races
Skydive Town 2004

2nd Place Freefly Intermediate
USPA Nationals 2003

2nd Place Go Fast Speed/Pylon Races
Z-Hills 2002

3rd Place Intermediate
Z-Games 1998

Swoop and canopy coach:

Name: Paul Rossouw

Born:March 28th 1981

Started Jumping:dec 98

Jumps: 1400+
Freefly: coach
RW: organiser
Container:Wings W5-2 EXT
Main Canopy: VeloTown 96
Reserve Canopy: PDR 113
AAD: no
Ratings:AFF Tandem- strong +vector+ sigma. coach rating.

Achievements: PST qualified. Ranked 38th. FLCPA rank 2nd. Canopy progression coach. East coast free fly coach. ex military- Airborne division.

sponsors: Performance designs. Sunrise rigging.Tony suits. skydive Town

Swoop and canopy coach:

Name: John Knoop

Born: Yes

Started Jumping: 2001

Jumps: 1200+
Freefly: 500
RW: 450
Container: Wings W1-1 EXT
Main Canopy: VeloTown 84
Reserve Canopy: PDR 113
AAD: Cypres 2
Achievements: Alive and well


Birdman Coach and instructor:

Name: Chris Ware


Started Jumping:
RW :
Birdman: 800

Container: Wings W1-2 EXT, Wings 5-2 EXT
Main Canopy: Lotus 95, Lotus 120
Reserve Canopy: Smart 99, PD 113
AAD: Cypres
Birdman Skyflyer, Skyflyer 3