Freefly Coaching

I run East Coast Freefly School at Skydive Town, Zephyrhills Florida. Come train with me at one of the best drop zones in the world. We have great facilities at the drop zone including a school with couches, TVs, Computers, Internet Access, AC, Fridge, and great freeflyers. I organize freeflyers every weekend and coach students any day of the week. Its a good idea to schedule coaching jumps in advance.

My coaching theory.

  • I teach in a fun relaxed atmosphere but I do push my students when I know they can handle it.
  • I stress the importance of safety on every jump.
  • By applying skills from the tunnel and the latest freeflying techniques I can teach you how to fly up to todays standards.
  • I try to give you info and drills that you can take with you and continue to learn on your own.