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Freefly Coaching


East Coast Freefly specializes in freefly coaching for all skill levels. Our highly experienced staff can introduce you to freeflying, or assist you in developing into a competitive freeflier. No matter what your personal goals may be, we can help take you to the next level. Every jump includes an extensive pre- and post-dive briefing as well as video review to accelerate your learning curve.


Whether you are a new team with modest goals, or a veteran team with gold-medal ambitions, East Coast Freefly can help you live up to any expectation! While in Sweden, Colon coached teams Big Brothers, Yo Bro's, and Sciroco to first, second, and third place finishes (respectively) at the Swedish Nationals.


East Coast Freefly requires every freefly student to wear a hard helmet with at least one audible altimeter. All harness/container systems must be "freefly-friendly" with tuck tabs or well-maintained velcro, as well as a BOC or pull-out deployment system with a tight closing loop.

If you do not have an appropriate rig, we can provide one for you. Please make your reservations in advance to assure the availability of a rig.


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